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Episode 13

Published on:

15th Jul 2023

Bonus Episode 1 - Get to know The Pedantic Scribe!

Before season 3 kicks off, we thought we would give you some bonus summer goodness. Get to know your Scribes in a 3 part series, where we ask the "interesting" questions.

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Crusade Heavy Industry by Kevin MacLeod



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Scribe's Journey
Where Stories Begin
The Scribe's Journey, created and hosted by authors Travis Croken, L.J. Stanton, and T.R. Albe, is a writing podcast to help you along your literary journey. Whether you are a seasoned writer, are just starting, or only write for fun, you will find content to help you along your path. Join the Three Scribes as they discuss the ins and outs of the literary world and offer tips and advice to help you improve your writing.
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Scribe's Journey

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From the mountains of the north, the shores of the west, and the swamps of the east, the Three Scribes have gathered.

The Calm Scribe, Travis J. Croken armed with his sharp quill. The Pedantic Scribe, L.J. Stanton commanding the beasts of the wild. The Oddball Scribe, T.R. Albe able to reflect any light from his shiny dome. Each month, they meet to help others on their creative journeys, but who exactly are the Three Scribes?

Travis J. Croken

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Travis J. Croken is a writer, creative coach, and creator of Wax Seal Productions. Croken writes out of his home in Ottawa, Canada which he shares with his wife and daughter. He enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction when he is not working on novels or larger projects.

​Currently, he is working on a sci-fi novel The Lion of Arkxinomas, a thriller novel titled Project Persyphious and a book of short stories. Look for his Young Adult book The Big Deep and his Children's book The Great Outdoor Adventures of Tiny Teddy. When he is not writing, coaching, or mentoring, he can be found hosting The Writer's Chat, a writing discussion program on Follow to participate.​​

Croken is a founding member of the Scribe's Journey Podcast.

L.J. Stanton

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L.J. Stanton grew up in Calgary, Alberta. She attended the University of Guelph and graduated with a diploma in Equine Science. She is a former horse trainer and riding instructor.

After moving to California Stanton was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. With her husband, they started the publishing company Sword & Board LLC. Stanton’s debut novel, The Dying Sun, The Gods Chronicle: Book 1, was released in 2020. It was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award. Stanton is a founding member of the Scribe’s Journey Podcast and After The… talk show.

Stanton now lives near L.A., California.

T.R. Albe

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T.R. Albe is an author who focuses on science fiction and fantasy books for kids and their gamer geek parents. Currently, he is working on a steampunk children book series and podcast called the Tales of Galdonya. He also has a super-secret science fiction series in the works presently called Codename: Space Trash. He lives in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and son, but you can find him broadcasting weekly on